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About Us

Pool Paddle Fitness is the original creator of pool-based Paddleboard Workouts. Pool Paddle Fitness is the ultimate fitness experience offering a unique outdoor floating space for you to combine Fitness & Fun on an exceptionally stable Stand Up Paddle Board specifically designed for fitness and yoga. Working out outdoors in nature with plenty of fresh air, green scenery and water is good for the mind and body. Pool Paddle Fitness classes will challenge your balance and stability while strengthening your core muscles making you stronger. This is not just a class it is the ultimate fitness experience.

Water Safety is our #1 priority. A brief safety and paddle lesson will be given at the beginning of every class and a lifeguard will be on duty supervising all classes. Classes are designed to meet any level of fitness. No Stand Up Paddleboarding experience is required. Only requirement is that you are able to swim, sign a waiver and have fun.



Pool Paddle Fitness offers 1 hr group classes and Private group classes in order to meet your level of fitness and enjoyment. Dress for class in something you will feel comfortable working out in. Wear clothing that you won’t mind being wet in. Clothing that you would wear for a hot yoga workout or running in the rain is recommended. Heavy cotton clothing is not suggested. Bring water, a towel, sunscreen, a change of clothes, a smile, and a playful attitude.

Pool Paddle Play is an introductory level class that familiarizes you with the paddleboard and equipment necessary to Stand Up Paddle properly. Class consists of a brief safety and paddling lesson followed by PLAY TIME. This class consists of a full summary of proper paddle techniques and equipment overview. Since the learning curve for Stand Up Paddleboarding is quick you will most likely be up in a few minutes and enjoy the majority of class practicing your paddle skills or playing. This class ends with you learning a new skill and having a sense of enjoyment. This class is not required but highly recommend for all Pool Paddle Yoga and Pool Paddle Fitness students to take prior to enrolling in a Pool Paddle Yoga or Pool Paddle Fitness class. You will be able to try out our exceptionally stable floating platform boards that are specially designed for those who want to combine Stand Up Paddleboarding with yoga and fitness workouts. Find the board that works best for you.

Pool Paddle Fitness is a hybrid of Stand Up Paddle Boarding mixed with challenging paddleboard exercises. This 1 hr class consists of a brief safety and paddling lesson followed by isometric and core strengthening exercises on the board. Standing on a paddleboard instantly activates your abdominal muscles to keep you balanced and your core is engaged the entire time. This class ends with you feeling very fit and accomplished. This practice on water is a great class to supplement your current cardiovascular, aerobic, barre or pilates exercise.

Pool Paddle Yoga is a variation of Stand Up Paddleboarding combined with yoga commonly referred to as SUP Yoga. This 1hour class consists of a brief safety and paddling lesson. The yoga portion of class will be spent moving through a modified, paddle board friendly, Vinyasa Flow sequence of asanas that will work the core muscles and challenge balance. The instability of the Stand Up Paddleboard on the water allows us to find where our bodies are stronger or weaker and forces our mind to be present in the moment. The class ends with you experiencing a peaceful Floating Savasana. This practice on water is a great class to supplement your current yoga practice.

Pool Paddle Party is a fun and unique way to celebrate life’s milestones such as children’s birthday parties, adult birthday parties and bachelorette/bachelor parties and girls/guys night outs and group date nights. Mermaid/Merman themed Paddle Parties will ensure a memorable event for both children and adults. Pool Paddle Party requires 3 or more participants.

Pool Paddle Private

Pool Paddle Private are classes available to one or more participants that take place in the privacy of your own pool or a pool of your choice that hosts Pool Paddle Fitness classes. This is a great way to work privately with an instructor one on one or in a small group setting. The instructor can gear the class towards you or your groups individual needs. Private group classes are a great idea for a yoga/fitness studio teachers to host a client ‘Field Trip’ which encourages students to try a fun outdoor exercise that will enhance their in studio practice. Private group classes are beneficial for corporate ‘Retreat’ programs to assist in building small group dynamics while having fun in the sun.

Pool Paddle Consultation

Pool Paddle Fitness has been very successful bringing additional revenue streams to pools. If you would like to set your pool up with the Pool Paddle Fitness program contact jodi@poolpadllefitness.com


Dormont Pool

Public Swimming Pool

1801 Dormont Ave, Dormont PA 15216


Pricing Varies per location from $25.00-$45.00
Multiple Class Packages available.



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